The standard of Jo’s work was faultless. She responded to the task in a highly efficient and timely manner and mastered her brief instantly. Her report was remarkably clear, concise, and precisely focussed on the needs of the project…but also very usefully responsive to the research questions and needs of the Commission more broadly. It was very positively received by the Commissioners, and by the Arts Council. I would employ Dr Gooding to undertake similar research in the future without the slightest hesitation.

Professor Simon J. James, Principal Investigator, Durham Commission on Creativity and Education

I valued working with Jo when she was an LDoc Creative Economy Engagement Fellow exploring the barriers to impact and scale of academic projects such as Hands of X, for which I was the Principal Investigator. Jo’s collaboration took Hands of X to different audiences––and in doing so has made new connections. Her vision also aligns with the aims of Studio Ordinary, an interdisciplinary research studio… Jo is a signatory to our foundational manifesto ‘Super Normal Design for Extra Ordinary Bodies’. This is important and complex territory. The value in creating more inclusive and socially minded services for disabled and nondisabled people is profound. Across practice, research and public engagement, it demands many complementary roles. Jo’s service is one of these, whilst also a connector between many others.

Graham Pullin, Professor of Design and Disability, University of Dundee.