Current Projects and Collaborations 

Women of Presence – MindRheo Neuroscience-based programme addressing the economic, professional and social challenges experienced by women in business, leadership, SME, start-ups, and career-path development. 

Kintsugi Clothing – Fashion for everybody Kintsugi Clothing is a disability conscious brand established in February 2019 in Manchester UK. Jo is advisor to the company founder Emma McClelland. 

Design for Disability is a UK-based consultancy founded by Jessica Ryan-Ndegwa. Jo and Jessica have a shared mission to ensure that disabled people are central to the design process of products and services. They are working together on joint workshops and bespoke training.

SuperNormal Design for extraordinary bodies – a design manifesto Jo is a signatory to this manifesto. It states…

We propose a new approach to disability-related design, at once radical and unremarkable. We challenge the assumption that the role of design need be either to draw attention away from impairment or else to focus attention on disability. We reject this polarisation as utterly simplistic. We propose a more nuanced alternative that has so much more in common with design in other everyday contexts, given that disability is part of the fabric of everyday life.