Diversity comes in many categories; age, gender, ethnicity, social background and disability. The evidence is there that inclusion and diversity brings better business outcomes.

Designing for inclusion is not a feel-good sideline… inclusion can be a source of innovation and growth…it can be a catalyst for creativity.” 


Make disability your business 

The social model of disability says that a person is disabled not by their impairment, but by the environment in which they live. Disabled people no longer wished to be catered to or designed for. They wish to be included, listened to and to be part of the solution – not thought of as the problem. 

The Case for Inclusive Design

From truly being inclusive in design thinking and company culture, great innovations occur, which benefit not only a minority group, but the whole of society.

“From text messages originally designed for deaf people, to lifts and escalators for those that physically couldn’t take the stairs: when we design inclusively, we all benefit.” 

Think Designable